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Auricular Therapy

Auricular therapy involves treating the entire body using only the ear. The ear is a holographic representation of the whole body. This means that ailments in the body show up in corresponding points in the ear. In addition, the ailments can be treated on these same points.

This part of ancient Chinese medical tradition has been elaborated recently so that acupressure (instead of needles) is used for treatment. There are over 100 protocols have been clinically shown to bring relief.

One protocol, for example, can be used to promote the immune system and calm anxiety. Using 7 ear seeds and a simple ear apex technique, the mind is calmed, blood pressure regulated, inflammation decreased and immunity promoted. Come Alive Health is currently offering a package of five weekly treatments to promote your ability to stay strong and centered on what is working for you in your life. The focus in offering this protocol is that individuals can resist contagious thoughts as well as contagious pathogens when we use our natural healing capacity to build a strong immune sytem.


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