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Our potential for wellness comes from within, as acute and chronic pain is often a result of not knowing just how to nourish and care for our bodies. Tess Richardson, L.Ac., offers individualized therapies that discover what is needed and that help to transform pain and our way of being. Using a kinesthetic understanding of the muscles and organs, Tess treats discomfort and provides relief by integrating acupuncture with other complimentary therapies. Her mission to help people begins with addressing symptoms such as headaches, emotional anguish, acute injuries, the pain of arthritis, and the multitude of ways our bodies are communicating distress. With a customized approach that explores the root causes of pain, of suffering, and that prioritizes the clear needs of the client, Tess helps us re-find our very personal capacity for happiness and vitality. Experience Come Alive Health.

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Come Alive Health LLC

7235 N Paseo Del Norte, Tucson, AZ 85704

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